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Notes on "Paddington 2 (2018)"

2 July 2018 (4:30ish)

In the future, if we still exist, and we look back at the canonized list of children's cinema, it would be greatly remiss if at the center of that cinema did not sit, like The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, the equally powerful summits of cinema, twining the beauty of live action with the aspirations of animation, Paddington and Paddington 2. In its formal construction, Paddington 2 does not quite reach its predecessor's heights, in part because the sequel has on its mind things more important than formal aesthetics. Bright vibrant colors, variety of expression, and multipart gags fill 2 just as the first, but it builds on the vague political aspirations of the first with more dynamic and specific optimisms and hopes, clearly targeting Brexit as rude fascism. The narrative drive is direct and all digressions and excursions occur more or less naturally integrated to the central plot, which is to acquire Aunt Lucy a proper birthday present. It begins …

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